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Cancer Hospital in Bilaspur

Endoscopy and Surgical Clinic in Bilaspur Chhattisgarh

Dr. Chandrashekhar Rahalkar has 34 Years Experience in Oncology, Video Endoscopy, Cystoscopy, Laparoscopic surgery, General surgery, Head and Neck Surgery, Cancer Surgery in Bilaspur Chhattisgrah

About Dr. Chandrashekhar Rahalkar

 Dr. Chandra shekhar cancer specialist in Bilaspur Chhattisgrah
Dr. C Rahalkar Cancer Specialist
  • Name: Dr. C Rahalkar - M.S
  • Type of: Surgeon
  • Specialist: Oncologist , Endoscopist , General Surgery. , Head and Neck Surgery .
  • Experience: 34 Years
  • Hospital Name: Endoscopy and Surgical Clinic
  • Location: Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
  • Phone: +91-8103964 522 / 07752-222181 / 07752-403021
  • Website: www.endoscopysurgicalclinicbilaspur.com


Video Endoscopy in Bilaspur
Video Endoscopy
General Surgery in Bilaspur
General Surgery
Fiberoptic and Rigid Bronchoscopy in Bilaspur
Fiberoptic and Rigid Bronchoscopy & ColonoCopy

Cancer Surgery in Bilaspur
Cancer Surgery
Cystoscopy in Bilaspur

Laproscopic-Minimal Invasive Surgery in Bilaspur
Laproscopic-Minimal Invasive Surgery
Thoracic Surgery in Bilaspur
Thoracic Surgery & Thoracoscopy
Oesophageal Surgery in Bilaspur
Pulmonary & Oesophageal Surgery

Head and  Neck Surgeon in Bilaspur
Head & Neck Surgery
Chemotherapy in Bilaspur
Chemotherapy for Cancer
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Cancer Surgery
Cancer Hospital in Bilaspur
Neck Surgery
Cancer Operation in Bilaspur
Neck Surgery

Cancer Doctor in Bilaspur
Neck Surgery
Best Cancer Doctor in Bilaspur
Neck Surgery

Cancer Doctor in Bilaspur
Neck Surgery
Best Cancer Doctor in Bilaspur
Neck Surgery

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